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About Us

With a strong background in the industrial and commercial fields, we offer timely and professional service to meet a wide variety of customer needs. With over 10 years of experience working in the electrical field, we continue to strive towards providing the best service, most knowledgeable support and highest quality equipment in the field. We take great pride in helping our clients excel and improve efficiency in their workflow, at the same time keeping work place safety and realize how important good service is to our customers. Many companies believe in good service, few deliver. We only use the best quality components, for reliability and your safety. All materials we use are CSA and ULC listed as approved for use in Canada.

Our Philosophy

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We promote continued education to our employees ensuring that our clients will receive highly trained professionals for all Electrical and Life Safety Installations. Get the information you need to make informed decisions about the electrical systems your business relies on. Improve quality, safety and efficiency through expert service, industrial installations and construction/design build services. We handle all aspects of electrical installation, design and maintenance. All our staff are well equipped, qualified, licensed technicians. All of our activities are insured for your and our protection.


We provide around the clock emergency service every day of the year. During this time we have successfully designed, installed and maintained Electrical Systems in the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional sectors.


In these fields we have completed Plant relocations, Office renovations, interior and exterior lighting, retrofit lighting, machinery installations, including plastic extrusion machinery. We also service many of the top property management companies in the GTA.

Why Ironclad
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A Message from the Owners

At Salson Electric, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality and cost-effective solutions for ICI Construction projects. With our unwavering commitment to electrical construction, maintenance, and Integrated Project Delivery techniques, we have developed a strong rapport with our clients, enabling us to meet their evolving needs effectively.

Our mission is to establish enduring, long-term relationships with our clients, resulting in a portfolio of satisfied repeat customers who rely on us for every phase of their projects, from pre-construction to post-construction. We hold a steadfast belief in meticulous attention to detail and commend our dedicated associates who uphold our uncompromising construction standards.

Together Frank Gugliuzzi and Nunzio Parente have propelled Salson Electric toward prosperity. Building a team of highly skilled electricians, we fearlessly took on projects of varying complexities and sizes. Through unwavering commitment, We diligently crafted a reputation for excellence, and before long, Salson Electric became one of the most trusted and respected electrical contractors in the Greater Toronto Area.

At Salson Electric, one of our core objectives is to foster a familial atmosphere where everyone can grow and thrive. We firmly believe in the power of teamwork and mutual support, recognizing that together, we can accomplish extraordinary things.

Looking back on the work we have accomplished together, We are immensely proud and confident in our continued growth and success as a team. With unwavering determination, we will shape Salson Electric into a company that each and every one of us can take pride in being a part of.



Thank you,

Frank Gugliuzzi and Nunzio Parente

Frank Gugliuzzi

Founder, President and Visionary


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our customers with efficient electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance. Strict detail to quality, the utmost professionalism, and completion in a safe, timely fashion is our mandate on all of our projects.


Our Standards

Our installations will meet and exceed standards set forth by all governing bodies including the Electrical Safety Authority as well as all requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code.


We Deliver

Our team of dependable and certified electricians focus on exceeding expectations in quality and excellence in workmanship. Some of our services include 24hr emergency services and free estimates. We have built a reputation for providing superior customer satisfaction. We strive for same day service. If your job supervisor has an issue, we will rectify it immediately. Our crew is radio dispatched so as soon as we hear there is a problem detected we are already on our way to fixing it.

Proud Members Of...


Salson Electric named best of 2023...

Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to share that you have been named Best Electrician by Industry Oversight Report in 2023, placing you among the select few recognized winners.

We scored 43 Concord Area Electrical contractors across a variety of salient criteria, and Salson Electric Limited has been recognized as the Top Electrician in Concord. We want to reward your outstanding success and commitment to excellence, so we are placing a ribbon on your profile and quotes.

Additionally, to help customers identify popular and top-rated professionals, we've featured you on our list of Best Electricians in Concord.

Your recognition is particularly significant as leverages Artificial Intelligence to measure performance and see how you stack up to industry benchmarks.


We hope you like the feature and look forward to getting your feedback.



Klaus Schneider
General Manager

ECRA# 700694

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