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Preventative Maintenance Program

The scheduled inspection, cleaning and testing of critical electrical components. Maintain and address any potential issues, before they arise and cause bigger problems down the road. 

Why Ironclad

Be Proactive. Not Reactive.

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Preventative Maintenance Program

Would a power failure impact your business?

If you answered “YES”, then a Preventative Maintenance is what you want.

Enroll in Salson Electric’s Preventative Maintenance Program now.



  • Annual Maintenance inspection

  • Power Failure Prevention

  • Reduced Insurance Rates

  • Free Consultation

  • 10% Savings On Annual Maintenance


Typical Electrical Deficiencies

  • Overloading

  • Code Violations

  • Loose Connections

  • Contamination & Corrosion

  • Harmonics

We are ACP Contractors

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The Authorized Contractor Program was developed by ESA to recognize those licensed electrical contractors who consistently perform Ontario Electrical Safety code compliant work.

Our installations will meet and exceed standards set forth by all governing bodies including the Electrical Safety Authority as well as all requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code.

Let us show you a Thermographic Analysis of your Electrical Equipment

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